Confetti Acrylic Collection

One of our most popular collections to-date, the Confetti Acrylic Collection has our best-selling confetti pen, business card holder, pen holder cup, photo frame, coasters, keychain, and ring dish.  This collection is festive and celebratory! It’s perfect for everyday occasions or major celebrations.  Try displaying the confetti business card holder and pen cup on your desk for that extra touch on your desk and find that workplace motivation we all need.  

Our 4 x 4” confetti acrylic photo frame is a best-selling gift for bachelorette party gifts and birthday gifts. Display your favorite girls’ night out photo, sorority picture, or besties in this high quality, brightly colored acrylic confetti frame. Best of all? The motivational insert is included! It is a reminder to throw kindness around like confetti.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place?! We certainly think so.

Looking for a little stocking stuffer or small gift for a friend?  We love the confetti key chain, shaped in either a heart or a circle.  It makes the perfect “something extra” for a friend, teacher, or yourself.

The confetti acrylic manufacturing process is unique.  Each product is hand sprinkled inside the acrylic. Because of this, there’s no mess of confetti (how great is that?) and also – no two pieces are the same!  We love when things are unique!